mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

L'unione monetaria porta disoccupazione e tensioni sociali

Questa volta la frase non proviene da qualche "blog" o dai soliti "populisti" dell'ultima ora.

Questa considerazione adesso viene direttamente dall'organo supremo nel totalitarismo burocratico europeo, dal nostro
"caro" Politburo chiamato Commissione Europea.

Laszlo Andor ci ha deliziato con codesta verità durante l'ultima conferenza stampa per la discussione del report : 

Social dimension of the EMU

The still growing macroeconomic, employment and social divergences threaten the core objectives of the EU as set out in the Treaties, namely to benefit all its members by promoting economic convergence and to improve the lives of citizens in the Member States.The latest review shows how the seeds of the current divergence were already sown in the early years of the euro, as unbalanced growth in some Member States, based on accumulating debt fuelled by low interest rates and strong capital inflows, was often associated with disappointing productivity developments and competitiveness issues.

In the absence of the currency devaluation option, euro area countries attempting to regain cost competitiveness have to rely on internal devaluation (wage and price containment). This policy, however, has its limitations and downsides not least in terms of increased unemployment and social hardship, and its effectiveness depends on many factors such as the openness of the economy, the strength of external demand, and the presence of policies and investments enhancing non-cost competitiveness.