venerdì 13 ottobre 2023

Jews persecutions throughout history

Non si puo' dire perché sono "intoccabili" ma se sono stati perseguitati cosi' tanto nel corso della storia qualcosina di non proprio simpatico l'avranno anche loro...

7th c: Visigoths massacre Jews and force them to convert to Christianity

711: Jews help Muslims invade Spain

1096: Pogroms in France and Germany during the first Crusade

1215: Anti-Jewish code of the Lateran Council

1278: Mass arrests of Jews in England

1290: England expels all Jews

1421: Mass expulsion of Jews from Austria

1442: Mass expulsion of Jews from Bavaria

1481: Dominicans set up the Spanish Inquisition that burns hundreds of Jews in the next twelve years

1489: Expulsion of Jews from Milano

1492: Mass expulsion of Jews from Spain after the Christian "Reconquista"

1494: Expulsion of Jews from Firenze

1495: Mass expulsion of Jews from Poland and Lithuania

1497: Mass expulsion of Jews from Portugal

1516: Venezia decides to confine the Jews in a "ghetto" (2,400 Jews out of a population of 98,000) and charge them special taxes

1518: Ottomans massacre Jews in Hebron

1541: Jews expelled from Napoli

1557: The Pope creates a ghetto for Jews in Roma

1597: Expulsion of Jews from Milano

16th c: Russian czar Ivan the Terrible orders to drown Jews who refuse to convert to Christianity

1648: Thousands of Jews are massacred by peasants in Poland-Ukraine

1756 Voltaire writes that Jews are “a totally ignorant nation”

1770 Holbach writes that Jews are “the enemies of the human race”

1791: Russia confines Jews to Pale of Settlement

1819: “Hep Hep” riots in Germany

1881-1906: More than one million Jews leave Russia

1871: Pogrom in Odessa, Ukraine

1881: Pogroms and mass expulsion in Russia

1887: Theodor Fritsch’s “Anti-semitic Catechism”

1898: anti-Semitic riots in Paris and Algiers

1904: Pogroms in Russia

1905: Pogrom again in Odessa, Ukraine

1915: William Simmons founds the Ku Klux Klan in the USA

1917: 70,000 Jews murdered by the Mensheviks in Ukraine

1919: Judaism is banned in the Soviet Union

1919: Mensheviks hold Jews responsible for communism and kill 100,000

1921: 43 Jews killed in riots in Palestine

1924: Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”

1929: Arab mobs kill 133 Jews in Palestine

1930s: Jews are among the main victims of Stalin’s purges

1933: “Krystallnacht” in Germany

1933: First concentration camp at Dachau

1936: Arabs massacre almost all the Jews in Hebron

1937: Celine’s “Bagatelle pour un massacre”

1938: German Jews are expelled from schools and lose driver licenses

1939: The first gas chamber opens in Brandenburg

1941: The German “Einsatzgruppen” (mobile killing troops) kill more than one million Jews in one year throughout Russia and Ukraine

1941: Romanians massacre 200,000 Jews in Bessarabia and burn 30,000 alive in occupied Odessa (Ukraine)

1944: Romanians massacre 217,000 Jews in Transnistria (mostly from Russia)

1945: Of the nine million Jews in German-controlled territory, about six million have been exterminated (two million at Auschwitz, 1.4 million at Majdanek, 800 thousand at Treblinka, 600 thousand at Belzec)

Oggi il declino dell'impero Usa non è una buona notizia per noi occidentali e per gli Ebrei in primis.