lunedì 9 luglio 2012

dai Angela, spiegaci perchè dobbiamo salvare l'Euro

Il presidente tedesco Joachim Gauck sabato ha chiamato Angela Merkel a spiegare perchè la Germania debba salvare l'Euro, a quali costi, e cosa sarà necessario.

Link Articolo: Europa Online

Berlin (dpa) - German President Joachim Gauck called Saturday for Chancellor Angela Merkel to explain why Germany needs save the euro - at great expense to the country‘s taxpayers - and what will be necessary.

In an interview with German television channcel ZDF, Gauck said that Merkel "has the duty to describe in great detail what it means, including what it means for the budget."

He said that the political establishment has struggled to explain why it is vital for Germany to do its part to save Europe‘s currency union, and he offered to help in the process of communicating those priorities.

"Sometimes it‘s hard to explain what this is all about. And, sometimes, there‘s a lack of effort to openly tell the populace what is actually happening," Gauck said. dpa sv fff