lunedì 27 ottobre 2014

Project Runaway "NAZI"

E dopo l'elezione di Miss Hitler 2014, su VKontante (il Facebook Russo) è partita un'altra interessante iniziativo.

Un concorso per il miglior "Designer Nazi".

In questo caso l'idea non è poi così eccentrica considerando che lo "Stile Nazista" è stato uno dei rigorosi, potenti e anche eleganti di sempre.

Non per niente personaggi come Lagerfeld o Galliano ne hanno da sempre compreso il valore estetico ed anche il Rock ha sempre flirtato con questo tipo di abbigliamento.

VKontakte (VK), Russia’s Facebook, seems to be a breeding ground for creative and looks-conscious Nazis. First the Nazis hold a Miss Hitler pageant. Then they launch a Project Runway-style search for the best Nazi designer.

And now a VK group called Aryan Girls, which has close to 7,000 followers, is currently holding an online poll to decide on its new logo. The group is pretty much what you’d guesswomen with interests in the White Power movementand posts images and opinions such as “A white woman shouldn’t be ashamed of her ancestors, their knowledge, their talents, her naivety [sic] and her own shyness. White girls are the cutest in their natural manifestations.” It also disseminates swastikas and other Nazi imagery along with Ukrainian nationalist statements.
The page’s latest development is a logo competition wherein the winner’s design will be used as the group’s official avatar and eventually printed on T-shirts. Proceeds from the branded apparel will go to “prisoners of conscience,” or Nazi prisoners who these users believe are being wrongfully detained.
Despite the pro-Ukrainian imagery on Aryan Girls, VK data shows at least 60 percent of the group’s members are from Russia; one of the group’s leaders wrote on her VK profile that she was born there. This contradicts President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda war against pro-Ukrainians, where he called themNazis and fascists in order to justify the Russian rebels’ presence in eastern Ukraine. In a statement to a Serbian newspaper on October 15, Putin likened Nazism to a “virus” and said the “vaccine” of the Nuremberg trials and other denazification efforts of the post-World War II era was losing its effect. “The situation in Ukraine,” he said, “where nationalists and other radical groups provoked an anti-constitutional coup d’état in February, causes particular concern in this respect.”
If this group and Miss Hitler’s community, which was shut down by VK a few days after Vocativ publicized it, are any indication, Nazism is growing in Russia’s own backyard. RT’s reaction to Vocativ’s article on the Miss Hitler pageant illustrates an attempt by the Kremlin-backed press at portraying Ukrainians as evil by labeling them as Nazis. The story, which aired October 22, pretty much denied that the Miss Hitler group was Russian and also said that if VK was Ukrainian the site might not have been taken down. “Hate is a problem in many countries. It’s how you deal with it,” the reporter said. “I’ll tell you one thing: The page was taken down because it’s a Russian site. For a Ukrainian, I’m not sure we could say the same.”
Well, Aryan Girls is not Ukrainian. It is clearly Russian-led, and the majority of its members are Russian. Yet it still thrives on Russia’s watch, along with 300 other pro-Hitler groups on VK. Nazis on VK even have a place to buy expensive Nazi jewelry. A page that sells gold and silver swastika pieces has over 20,000 members.
Is Russia declining to shut pro-Hitler groups such as Aryan Girls down because it doesn’t want to draw attention to its own Nazis?
The good news is, as long as Aryan Girls is still in business, you can browse the 20-plus entries for best group logo. And boy, are they trashy. Each one looks more like a Hot Topic sale item from 2007 than the next.