venerdì 12 settembre 2014

Why Italians are so xenophiles ?


You can see it everywhere in Italian culture, what comes from abroad is always better. Women, Soccer Player, Artists, you name it. The roots of this trend can be found back in history in the renaissance era but also in Christianity (waiting for the Saviour to come) and more recently at the end of world war II when the Americans came to our rescue.

The pros and cons of being xenophiles are many, on the pros we can mention to fact to be open minded, not racist, curious and adventorous. On the cons the xenophiles often tend to discriminate and discredit their country and culture in favour of others, they don't understand and don't see the beauty before their eyes, they always wait and dream for a saviour to come. And if that saviour comes from abroad, the farther the better.

Some example can be found in the incredible success of Belen Rodriguez, a pretty Argentinian soubrette whose primary talent is to smile often and give the impression of an easygoing down to earth beauty. Another example can be found in our national sport, soccer. If a team buys an Italian talent from a small southern village it gets no attention, on the contrary, if they buy some south american guy from an unknown village everyone will immediatly think at him as a possible new Maradona or Pelè. Consequently newspapers will sell more copies and teams more  stadium tickets strengthening this trend.

On the musical and artistic side too Italians prefer a copy of a foreign act instead of an original domestic talent.

Can this cultural aspect of Italians  be reversed  ?