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Isis, Vietnam and the solution to the middle east conflict

Are we winning or losing the global war on terror ? Have we yet made truly bold moves ? Are we Killing or Deterring more terrorists everyday than the madrassas and radical clericals are recruiting and deploying against us ? (from D.Rumsfeld memos)

In a previous post I explained why the American Strategy  against Isis is doomed to fail and the similarities with Mcnamara's mistakes (Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administration) in Vietnam. Here we explore the two historical moments. 
As always happens on this blog,quickly and without too much phrasing : 

The 3 biggest American mistakes in Vietnam: 

  1. - The misjudged of the Communist threat 
  2. - The United States interpreted it as a war of "aggression", the Communists against the South Vietnamese; It was actually a civil war. 
  3. - Usa adopted military tactics and strategy best suited to fight the Soviet Union in Europe then the guerrillas in Southeast Asia jungles. 

American mistakes in Vietnam, though serious, are partly understandable given the historical moment. All members of the US administration fought the Second World War and in their ears still echoed Churchill's words "The slowness in fighting Hitler has cost millions of lives that could have been saved." 

The United States would no longer made ​​that mistake, and this determination led'em to misinterpret the communist threat in Vietnam, seeing it as a step to conquer theSouth-East Asia and from there the world. 

Usa strategy in the Middle East: 

  1. - The United States want to get out of the middle east "Swamp" only to return if "Called" and "implored". They do not want to play the part of the colonizing power accountable for everything.
  2. - The United States wants to create a political stability that will allow Arab states to counter the extremist jihadists in the first place. 

At the moment none of these two conditions are presents in the Middle East, Obama has hastened the complete withdrawal of American troops in 2011 to get closer to the 1st point but it has created the conditions for the extremists proliferation in northern Iraq. 

In an area that does not know secularization but only theocratic states, Tribes and Kingdoms one can not separate the political from religious matter: 

  1. - In the Middle East is taking place a religious war within the same religion, a kind of holy war between brothers Shiites against Sunnis. 
  2. - In this war The Isis and extremists blame the United States to represent the Air Force and military support of the Shiites and this is how they drag'em  in their religious conflict. 

The solution to the Middle East crisis:

The solution to the Middle East is "hidden" in the interpretation of the Koran and the change in the structure of the Priesthood. Islam needs of an institution and an important figure for the interpretation of their sacred text that manages to outline a standard for the faithful. So how can it be Francis Pope, theDalai Lama, Queen Elizabeth (Archbishop of Canterbury) or the Patriarch Cyril I. 

And is necessary to provide the creation of an Islamic "Church" or "Papacy" as a reference for all moderate Muslims in the world. 

The Muslims have a direct relationship with Allah, is not mediated by any priest. It's based on knowledge, those who study and are more prepared in the religious sciences, and also have a great general knowledge, can practice and teach Islam in the context in which they live, they become, religious authority.
Their religion has no 
pyramidal authority, the authority is mobile and specialized in different branches of knowledge. The Islamic scholars can then be compared to university professors, each with its own jurisdiction (and therefore also the Jihad becomes a skill). The Muslims do not need no priest to perform their rituals,even for weddings or funerals. Anyone can be an Imam, which means that it is in front of the prayer, and to anyone who may happen to be. Every mosque and community chooses it's Imam based on preparation.

This problem lead us to the possibility that some crazy fool may decide to teach the Quran at will by moving the bar of extremism always a step farther (see Bin Laden or Isis today). 

Until this changes will happen, there will never be peace in the Arab world and the only lasting thing will always continue to be the blackmail conflicts and killings. 

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