mercoledì 30 luglio 2014

Does Economic War forestall Military War ?

Geopolitical update:

- Ukraine "civil war" is escalating and could easily end up in a continental war opposing Usa and Russia on the European ground

- Putin is not backing down from western pressure

- Brics are forming an alternative to the Imf and World Bank, they will slowly try to move away from Bretton Woods and Us Dollar hegemony

- All "International Institutions" are under American Control

- Usa simply won't allow another "world standard" different from theirs, no matter the costs or the actions they will have to take

-  Russia offered economic support to Cuba and Argentina (the two most strategic countries, from a geopolitical point of view, in central and south America)

- Europe is highly dependent on Russia's Energy but is (blindly) following American orders

- After the 2008 crisis the western world can't fix their economy, all the money printing from central banks has increased the value of financial assets and stock markets but is not helping the real economy

- War remains the best possible economic stimulus

- The World got into word war II riding horses and got out flying supersonic jets (from spur to supersonic)

- In 1941 Japan attacked the Us Navy in Pearl Harbour only after the American Oil Embargo (economic war) gave them no other choice.

martedì 29 luglio 2014

Exposure, popolarity and social risks.

In the past, the popularity of an individual was tied to his ability and to a real social utility or transposition. Today is just the exposure.
Getting exposure is the only obstacle for the differentiation of a person from another. In the era of Internet, information is  faster and superficial. Images and video are the main tools of communication. The devices have enlarged screens and even phones has been transformed from auditory to visual apparatus.

The certainty of sources and information on the Internet is difficult to verify, and then the users of the network can be defined as "potentially" more informed but actually more ignorant. The in-depth analysis have become almost useless, only short visual messages get attention. This superficiality of knowledge is also reflected in interpersonal relationships that also become increasingly shallow and fast.

Exposure is the sole end and the means by which to reach it does not matter.

Every talent or ability is now subject to the Exposure (and not the other way around) as a result once you get enough exposure you can perform multiple tasks. Let's take an extreme example to clarify the concept. Andrew Breivik, author of Utoya massacre in Norway in 2011,  got an exposure that allows him to do basically whatever he wants . Design a line of clothing, write a book or a movie or run a website. The outraged comments  all over the world would just be the best advertising.

This cultural and social trend continues to push us inevitably and increasingly rapidly downward 

We live in a cultural numbness generated by the flow of media images.