giovedì 3 febbraio 2022


Da tanti anni si cerca di superare il postmodernismo, è arrivato il momento ? 

                                     Guido van der Werve Nummer Acht (2007) 

I've found this interesting website that ran from 2009 to 2016:

I think these two guys got much closer to the point than Storm (Metamodernism: the future of theory)
Metamodern sensibility could be represented by the willingness to do good, the optimism, the drive that can't be as naive as the modernist or distrustful as the postmodernist.

"You want to move forward, you try to achieve something, but you do not have the discourse anymore, you don't have the horizon anymore to do so and your training is actually ridiculous. We have all been trained with South Park, Seinfeld to be first and foremost ironic. To be sincere and to want to go forward becomes a performance".

In this sense the video of Guido van der Werve Nummer Acht (2007) 
is spot on. As the movie "La Haine" (1995) can be considered metamodernist.

But since philosophy begins where technology ends and vice versa I would add to the metamodernist basket also the Cypherpunk Manifesto (9-3-1993) and the Bitcoin invention (28-10-2008)  which through the use of the blockchain, now multichain, will change our social and political lives forever.

Charles Avery - Untitled (Herd of Alephs), 2008, pencil, ink and gouache on paper