venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

Jenny Hval

Visto che le pop-star moderne(Rihanna,Britney,Miley,Lady,Kesha, ecc ecc) sono sempre più simili a delle porno-star (con una leggera preferenza per maggiore professionalità verso le seconde...).

Notiamo con piacere quando si incontrano artisti in grado di esprimere un certo grado di sessualità immersa nella realtà.

In questo caso, ascoltiamo e vediamo "Innocence is kinky" dall'ultimo omonimo album di recente uscita (aprile 2013) della norvegese Jenny Hval. Un viaggio alla scoperta del corpo e della mente femminile (senza photoshop ...).

Video di Zia Anger

Innocence is Kinky

That night I watch people fucking on my computer
Nobody can see me looking anyway
It's late
and everything turns into a kind of dirty 
My skin starts breaking with LCD
I feel desire
What I don't know, what I don't own
I'm free
I turn off the light and dress myself in silver and gold i go out onto the edge of the city
I go out onto the edge of the city
tread on my twigs that are not yet burning
The weight of my boots makes them break 
and smoke comes out of be-be-be-ne-ne-neath the ba-ba-bark
Like a boat down the hatch
Like sex without the bodies (like sex without the bodies)
Like smoke rings (smoke rings) from my pussy
A night vision; bodies turned soft like newborn jellyfish,
mushrooms, light macbooks , blind bodies with empty sockets
I stare back at my gaze that belongs to your body
I ask "is there nothing but sea like sea 
Is there nothing serve nothing
Is there nothing and nothing?"
I'm free
I take off my face and torso
lift them and barely 
I go out into the edge of the city
Tread on my twigs and feel them break
I start looking for something else
There has to be more to burning; I'm losing myself
More to burning and sex and God
I tear off the ties
of slow evil, of slow evil
I am an Oslo Oedipus
Tearing my eyes in and out and
in and out and in and out and
in and out and in and out and
in and out and in and out and
in and out of face!