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Kesha le prova tutte per liberarsi di Dr Luke

Kesha accusa il suo produttore di Sexual Abuse, forse si riferisce a quando lui le ha ordinato di bere meno e di dimagrire perchè sembrava un "frigorifero" ?...

LOS ANGELES — Kesha has filed a lawsuit against music producer Dr. Luke claiming he abused her sexually, physically and emotionally during their 10-year working relationship that began when he signed her out of obscurity at age 18, a pattern she says he used to intimidate and maintain control over the "Tik Tok" singer while short-shrifting her career, according to court documents filed here Tuesday and obtained by Mashable.

Hours later, Dr. Luke — full name Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald — filed a counter-claim in New York, accusing Kesha of defamation and contract breaches. His suit says Kesha and her mother had repeatedly threatened to level the false abuse claims if he did not let her out of the recording contract.
Kesha’s lawsuit, first reported Tuesday by TMZ and filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, is seeking unspecified damages for the abuse. It also seeks an out from her music contract, which has been a point of contention between the singer and producer over the past couple of years.
Kesha and her mother have complained that she has little creative control over her music; that her favorite songs have been held back from release against her wishes; and that a collaboration she did last year with The Flaming Lips was scrapped despite her insistence that it be released, even for free.
Her lawsuit claims Dr. Luke repeatedly made sexual advances toward her from the beginning of their collaboration, plying her with drugs and alcohol and bragging about his sexual exploits while offering her no guidance or doing much of anything to advance her music. Kesha claims Dr. Luke once drugged her with a form of GBH and she woke up in a hotel room naked, sore, and without her clothes; she added that he told her later that if she told anyone about the assault, he would end her fledgling career.
It also says Dr. Luke, a major figure in pop music who has worked with Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson, once attacked her at his Malibu home by “thrashing his arms at her” and that his comments about her weight and appearance led to her eating disorder earlier this year.
Dr. Luke's counter-suit says once Kesha signed with another management company, she started refusing to deliver recordings and demanded to be released from her contract. Around that time, the suit says, Kesha and her mother began threatening to send a letter to a blogger, who had published a "Fee Kesha" website, with "lurid allegations of physical and mental abuse of Kesha — allegations that Kesha and Pebe have themselves admitted are false."
Both Kesha's lawsuit and Dr. Luke's counter-claim are seeking jury trials in their respective states. The two actions will most likely be consolidated by the courts, if a settlement is not reached beforehand.
Kesha — full name Kesha Rose Sebert — is being represented by Mark Geragos, the prominent Los Angeles attorney who has defended Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. Calls to his law firm and messages left with Sony, of which Dr. Luke's Kemosabe Records is a part, was not immediately returned Tuesday.
Geragos told TMZ that the lawsuit is a “wholehearted effort by Kesha to regain control of her music career and her personal freedom after suffering for 10 years as a victim of mental manipulation, emotional abuse and an instance of sexual assault at the hands of Dr. Luke."
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